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This video will show you how Top 10 narcotics will not simply destroy you, but they’ll torture you first making your organs fail, eating your skin all the way to the bones, making you submissive, transforming you to a live-zombie, making your family suffer, and sometime after…, they will kill you.


5 Panel Urine Drug Test


Scopolamine also known as Devil’s Breath, Burundanga, and widely used in traditional medicine as Hyoscine. As a medication, Hyoscine used in surgical practice to treat post-op nausea, and motion sickness. The Devil’s Breath produced from nightshade plant common in South America and India.  Scopolamine produced as a powder or as tea-like leaves and highly toxic in high doses. Burundanga often used as a date rape drug. When drugs enter your body, it causes victims to become weak, confused, and not remember what happened while drugged. The CIA used Scopolamine to hypnotize people during interrogation. Under the influence of Devil’s Breath people losing self-control, and easily robbed or sexually assaulted. Over 50000 people annually reported to be a victim of crime in Columbia while drugged with Scopolamine. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Scopolamine and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Scopolamine 

5 Panel Hair Drug Test


Purple Drank also known as purple lean, sizzurp, dirty sprite, and lean drink. Purple Drank a popular narcotic in hip-hop, rap and sports communities. Famous singers like Jay Z, DJ Screw, Big Hawk, Big Moe were mentioning this drug in their lyrics, also football players JaMarcus Russell, Terrance Kiel and Johnny Jolly had problems with Purple Drank. Purple Drank produced by combining candies, Sprite or Mountain Dew, and codeine-containing cold syrup. Drug was named because the cold syrup colored drink in purple. The only addictive and dangerous ingredient in Lean is the codeine which is an opiate. Overdose on Purple Drank caused many deaths around the country from heart and breathing failure. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Purple Drank and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Purple Drank

9 Panel Urine Drug Test


Crystal Meth also known as Ice, Glass, and Run. The original use of methamphetamine was to treat depression, also American soldiers were given meth during WWII as anti-sleeping medication. Japanese army used meth to calm and concentrate their kamikaze pilots on suicide missions. Methamphetamine is highly addictive synthetic stimulant. After consumption drug users experience high feeling of pleasure. Users also feel self-confident and very energetic, until they crash and build tolerance to dopamine (hormone of pleasure). The effects of crystal meth are devastating. First, users become insomniac depressed and anxious. Long term use of Crystal Meth leads to irreversible brain damage, skin ulcers, blood vessels problems and severe dental conditions. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Crystal Meth and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Crystal Meth

9 panel Hair Drug Test


AH-7921 also called Legal Heroin. Only 20% less powerful from Morphine AH-7921 was available for legal purchase from online stores until recent ban. The drug is available online in the powder form and is often used in combination with alcohol or recreational drugs such as Marijuana. As any synthetic opiate AH-7921 highly addictive and responsible respiratory arrest and gangrene. Drug users reported to have withdrawal symptoms from AH-7921 worse than from morphine since AH-7921 has much longer half-life. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for AH-7921 and Hair Follicle Drug Test for AH-7921

10 Panel Urine Drug Test


Flakka also known as Gravel Flocka is synthetic amphetamine like drug with very similar chemical structure to a Bath Salts. Flakka gains its popularity from very cheap price for only around 5 dollars per dose. Gravel produced in white or pink crystals, and can be injected, snorted, smoked, swallowed or vaped. In very small doses Flakka makes you feel euphoria, but higher dosage causes severe aggression, paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, agitation, suicidal thoughts, psychosis or a state of “excited delirium” when body temperature rises up to 106 degrees. Drug users under influence of Flakka become very violent and tend to harm themselves and others. High level of energy makes people feel superpower. It takes many first aids to restrain such a drug user. Flakka can cause permanent psychological damage, as well as heart failure. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Flakka and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Flakka

12 Panel Hair Drug Test


Heroin also known Big H, Horse, Hell Dust, Smack, Black Tar, H, Junk, Skag, Brown. Heroin is an opioid drug made from morphine, a natural substance product of the poppy plant. Heroin is one of the oldest drugs on the planet. Drug users inject, sniff, snort, and smoke Heroin. Heroin can be mixed with crack cocaine, and this mix called a Speed Ball. For a century, from 1874 until 1971 Heroin was a legal drug which was prescribed as a painkiller. Heroin is extremely addictive drug. Heroin drug users at high risk of blood clots, stroke, respiratory arrest from the overdose. Also, heroin addicts suffer from insomnia, nose damage, abscesses, constipation, liver and kidney disease, pneumonia, depression, sexual dysfunction, irregular menstrual cycle. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Heroin and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Heroin

12 Panel Urine Drug Test


Crack Cocaine also known as Coke, Flake, Snow, Blow, White, Powder, Dust, and Nose Candy, Dice, Snow Coke. Cocaine is a strong and very addictive drug. Originally produced as a powder it has a high price tag. In order to lower the price, producers began mixing Cocaine with the baking soda which resulted in a rock like shape. This product called Crack Cocaine. Word Crack comes from the cracking sound when product is heated. Around 10 million Americans are Crack Cocaine users. American cocaine market is a multi-billion industry for South American cartels. Cocaine use leads to liver and kidney dysfunction, heart damage, and responsible hundreds of deaths in the United States each year. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Crack Cocaine and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Crack Cocaine

14 Panel Urine Drug Test


Bath Salts also known as Bloom, Cloud Nine, Cosmic Blast, Ivory Wave, Lunar Wave, Scarface, Vanilla Sky, White Lightning. Bath Salts is a synthetic cathinones. Bath Salts extremely toxic and dangerous. The drug name origin comes from online stores originally advertised as bath salts. Consumption of Bath Salts literally turns human to a live zombie with hectic moments, specific walk and absence of critical thinking.  Bath Salts appears in a form of a white or brownish crystal powder. The drug commonly sold as bath salts, plant food, jewelry cleaner, or phone screen cleaner and labeled as not for human consumption. Drug users swallow, snort, smoke, or inject the Bath Salts. Common effects of Bath Salts are paranoia, hallucinations, increased sexuality, panic attacks, violent behavior. Users experience tachycardia, high blood pressure, chest pain, dehydration, breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue, and kidney failure. People often become cannibalistic and can eat their own body parts or others. Numerous Bath-Salts associated death reports recorded around the United States. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Bath Salts and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Bath Salts

14 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test


Whoonga also known as Plazana, Kwape, and Nyaope. Whoonga is a very popular drug in South Africa region. Whoonga produced by mixture of antiviral medicine Ritonavir which used to treat HIV/AIDS, detergents and rat poison. Reported cases when people intentionally exposed themself to HIV infection in order to get access to Ritonavir – the main ingredient of Whoonga. Whoonga is highly addictive and dangerous drug. Users experience euphoria and relaxation effect which last for up to 2 hours. Whoonga consumption leads to behavioral changes, internal bleeding and death. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Whoonga and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Whoonga

Synthetic THC Spice Drug Test


Krokodil also known as Crocodil, Croc, Krok, Russian Magic, Poor Man’s Heroin, and known to be the most toxic and dangerous drug in the world. The name Krokodil comes from the drug users skin appearance around the injection site. Tissues become become discolored and scaly. Over one million Russians are addicted to the Krokodil in post-Soviet Union countries such Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Crokodil gained its popularity from cheap price. Krokodil is made by combining hydrochloric acid, household cleaners, gasoline, cigarette ash and codeine. Drug is injected.

The skin of drug users become black, grey, and green from necrosis. People walk the streets with dead patches of skin falling of their bodies.This is why Crocodil called a Zombie Drug. Complications of Krokodil use are skin infections, soft tissue infections, blood clots, sever abscesses, gangrene, necrosis, toxic shock, multi-organ failure. Even short use of Krokodil leads to death within within 1-2 years from the first dose. Veritas Lab administer Urine Drug Test for Krokodil and Hair Follicle Drug Test for Krokodil.

Veritas Lab offers DNA Testing, Drug Testing, and Alcohol testing services around the globe. We are a combination of the latest innovations and technologies and we make them accessible and affordable to our clients. Every company and individual client who contacts our company here in the United States or anywhere on the planet experiences the best of what America has to offer. 

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Veritas Lab managing our DOT Random Pool Consortium for over 5 years now. Since than we successfully passed a DOT audit twice. Thanks to Veritas lab, we feel very confident about our Department of Transportation drug testing compliance.
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One of our truck drivers urgently needed a DOT post-accident drug and alcohol collection. Veritas Lab came onsite and got the job done. Thank you.
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Best EtG alcohol testes. My probation officer was happy
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I just received my results. Huge thanks to Veritas Lab for DNA paternity testing in New York. 5 stars!
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I was able to get same day appointment. Thanks God to Veritas Lab and DNA paternity testing my hubby cleared his doubts.
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This company conducted a hair follicle drug test for our client with court admissible results. Thanks to Veritas Lab our client submitted his sample same day, and his results were emailed to our law firm. Very impressive job during COVID times.
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Thanks to Veritas Lab I was able to check if I am the father. It was a real challenge to find an open clinic for DNA paternity testing at the time of the pandemic.
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We use this company to drug test all of drug-related felons. Court orders for urine and hair follicle drug testing
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Used Veritas Lab for my court ordered 5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test.
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We enrolled in DOT Random Pool with Veritas Lab. They in charge of our DOT Drug Testing
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We use Veritas Lab for our drug testing needs for sub-contractors. Very pleased, Andrew - General Manager
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Thanks to Veritas Lab we are able to drug test our employees in multiple locations. Turnaround time is awesome. We schedule our urine and hair follicle drug testing through them for over 5 years now, and never had a problem.  Sometime we schedule online and sometime over the phone. We mostly order 5 Panel and 10 Panel drug tests. Here at Veritas Lab they are very flexible and always willing to modify a drug test to accommodate our needs.  Thanks. Diana - HR manager
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I ordered a 5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test in Dallas Texas and was able to walk in to the clinic same day. Veritas Lab Emailed me results next day. Very fast service. Thank you! Mark. (Hair Drug Test in Dallas).
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Veritas Lab our partner for our pre-employment drug testing program. 5 Panel Drug Test
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10 panel drug testing. Best turnaround time! Thank you guys!
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