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5 Panel Urine Drug Test – All you need to know about test

5 Panel Urine Drug Test – All you need to know about test

In drug testing relating programs, the number of panels means the number of drugs is checked.

5 Panel drug tests are federally recognized as the industry standard.


This means that a 5 Panel drug test will search for only 5 drugs. A 10 Panel drug test will search for ten drugs. Additionally, this test is required for many private employers. Veritas Lab offers two types of Urine Drug Testing. Instant urine drug testing allows our customers to receive their drug test results shortly after collection is completed. For drug testing provided on premises and the urine sample don’t have to live the premises. Our certified drug testing collectors will guarantee the high accuracy of the collection and the testing process. Shortly after urine drug test collection results will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment and will be available online for you to upload it from our website. The second type of the 5 Panel Urine Drug testing is laboratory-based urine drug tests.

These are the 5 commonly abused substances that are checked during the 5-Panel Drug Test:

  • THC
  • PCP
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates

How far back will 5 panel urine drug test go? What is a timeframe for 5 Panel Urine Drug Test? How long drugs stay in your system in 5 Panel Urine Drug Test?


Several factors play role in the time of detection in 5 panel urine drug testing. Major influencing criteria are:

  • Body weight of the person who consumed drugs
  • Amount of the drug consumed
  • Metabolism
  • How often a person did use the drug in the past

Let’s say a person who weighs 250 hundred pounds did a few puffs of marijuana, and same did a person who weighs 120 pounds. Physiologically amount of ingested narcotic divided on the body weight. A heavier person will have a shorter period of detection considering that the health condition and other factors were identical. Amount of drug consumed also plays an important role when it comes to a drug detection time in 5 Panel Urine Drug Test. If a person smokes a large amount of the drug all day long, while the other person did one puff, the heavier user will have a longer period of detection in 5 Panel Urine Drug Test. Another physiological factor that we take into consideration when it comes to a detection time in 5 Panel urine drug testing is metabolism. Metabolism is a transformation of chemical and biological substances within the cells. Basically, it’s when chemical and biological substances are breaking down or transforming within the cell. Every person has different speed and quality of metabolism. It correlates with genetic factors, age and health condition. Young health adult will have a faster metabolism than alder ill person. Faster metabolism makes drugs transformation or breaking process faster. So as faster you metabolism as shorter will be your detection time for urine drug testing. Lastly, chronic drug users have a longer period of detection on the urine drug testing. If a person used drugs once and the first time in his/her life, this person will have shorter detection time on the urine drug testing compared to a person who uses the same drug over some period of time.


Infographic: All You Need to Know about 5 Panel Urine Drug Test FAQ






How to obtain 5 panel urine drug test?


To have a urine drug test done with Veritas it’s very simple. If you are an employer or just an individual seeking to get a urine drug test done, Veritas will make this process as simple and fast as possible. When you are ready to take your urine drug test all you should do is call Veritas Labs at 888-398-0059. As soon as one of our customer service representatives picks up, you will inform him or her that you would like to order 5 Panel Urine Drug Test, zip code to pull up the closest location to you, and email address. That is all we need to send you the 5 panel urine drug screen ticket. Once payment is confirmed you may walk into the urine drug testing collection site at any time during business hours of operation.

To make the process much smoother make sure you have this information:

  • Company Name. (If applicable)
  • Phone number of individual getting the urine drug test done.
  • Name of individual getting the urine drug test done.
  • Email address of recipients to receive the ticket & results.

Entrusting an accredited, FDA-approved laboratory, like Veritas Labs, with your drug testing can protect you and everyone else involved. Our staff is trained and certified in DOT compliant drug testing and our highly experienced team of microbiologists are experts in ASTM, AOAC, AATCC, FDA, EPA, USDA, USP, CTFA, JIS, ISO and other methods of analysis.

Additionally, Veritas Labs takes care of the all the nitty-gritty work of planning, collecting, and delivering the test for you so you can get back to business. We pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry, we will answer your call 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. Call us toll-free today at 888-398-0059

Veritas Lab is a network of laboratories with more than 30 years of experience in the field of laboratory sciences.  Our priority keeping communities, the workplace the country a safe, healthy and less stress consumed. We facilitate DNA Paternity, Urine and Hair follicle Drug and Alcohol tests in all 50 states. Our licensed scientists are certified technicians, fully accredited and recognized throughout the United States assuring the highest standards of accuracy of your test results, which are legally-binding and court-admissible around the country.

Our clients continuously voice their high level of comfort as a result of the support and guidance from their first call until they receive their results. Our knowledgeable customer service team works around the clock to answer all of the questions you might have about 5 Panel Urine Drug Test until you have found an appropriate answer. We never lessen our level of commitment, whether you are calling as a national corporation, a small business, an individual or concerned relative or friend. We specialize in DOT Drug Testing Compliance and regulations and offer tons of support for someone needing a DNA paternity test.

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I ordered a 5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test in Dallas Texas and was able to walk in to the clinic same day. Veritas Lab Emailed me results next day. Very fast service. Thank you! Mark. (Hair Drug Test in Dallas).
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Veritas Lab our partner for our pre-employment drug testing program. 5 Panel Drug Test
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