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Prenatal DNA Test

Prenatal DNA Test

Veritas Labs have nationally accredited FDA and AABB laboratories and are licensed to administer court-admissible prenatal non-invasive DNA Paternity testing is accepted in courts throughout North America as legal evidence of paternity or non-paternity.


$ 2350

$ 2000

Veritas Lab Non-Invasive prenatal Paternal Testing

Veritas Lab is a network of laboratories with more than 20 years of experience in the field of prenatal non-invasive DNA Maternity testing. We facilitate pre-natal non-invasive DNA Test to establish father-fetus relationship in all 50 states. Our licensed scientists and certified technicians are fully accredited and recognized throughout the United States assuring the highest standards of accuracy of your non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity test results, which are legally-binding and court-admissible around the country.

Our clients continuously voce their high level of comfort as a result of the support and guidance from their first call until they receive their results. Our knowledgeable customer service team works around the clock to answer all of the non-invasive DNA paternity testing questions you might have until you have found appropriate testing solution for your unique situation.

As technology and scientific methods evolve, we find safer and more efficient ways to conduct DNA testing. Traditional paternity testing procedures can lead into a significant amount of risk. These risks can lead to a higher chance of miscarriage.

Due to the discovery of fetal cells within the mother’s DNA, there are non-invasive prenatal testing methods that are available. This test is based on genetics and will only be used to analyze the DNA of the mother, father and the fetus.

At Veritas Lab, we provide prenatal paternity tests that are non-invasive. This means that the testing procedures are not harmful towards the mother or the fetus.

What is the testing procedure for prenatal non-invasive DNA Paternity Testing?

The test must be conducted after the 9th week of pregnancy.  After both pre-natal DNA testing samples are collected, the clinic or hospital will overnight both samples back to Veritas Labs for testing.

Results for pre-natal not invasive DNA testing

Veritas Labs will take only around 9 business days to find results.

There are two types of results that can occur.

  • The alleged father(s) is excluded from being the biological father based on the DNA samples of the mother and the father.
  • The alleged father(s) is not excluded from being the biological father based on the DNA samples of the bother and the father.

How much does it cost?

Veritas Labs charges $2000 for non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity test. A down payment of $500 is needed to initiate testing. However, the full balance must be paid in full to receive testing results.


You may have seen paternity testing on television; a man in a black turtleneck proclaiming “YOU ARE (NOT) THE FATHER!” and then an on-air fight ensues for our viewing pleasure. However, in reality, paternity testing isn’t quite so melodramatic. It’s actually quite simple: a paternity test is a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid which if found in the nucleus of a cell that holds one’s genetic information) test that is used to determine if a man is biologically the father of a child. Each person inherits a distinctive set of DNA from each of their biological parents. So, in the lab, one would need to be able to match a sequence of DNA from the alleged father with that of the babying order to determine if he is indeed going to be a daddy. Determining the biological father of a child is important for many reasons, including parental rights, citizenship, social benefits, immigration, adoption and other instances where legal proof of blood relation is required.

Non Invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity Test vs Invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity Test. Risks, comfort and price comparing table.
Type of prenatal DNA TestingNon Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test by Veritas LabInvasive Prenatal Paternity Tests by other laboratories
Prenatal DNA Sample Collection for paternityCasual blood sample collection from the mother’s vein. The same venipuncture that you undergo for complete blood count. Only two tubes of blood are required. Can be performed by any certified phlebotomist.For amniocentesis method, your physician will insert a long and high gage needle through the stomach to collect some amniotic fluid (water around your baby). For CVS method, your Physician intravaginally or through your abdominal wall high gage needle will be inserted to collect some tissues. Same techniques used for biopsy procedures
How early in pregnancy paternity can be established? Veritas Lab can establish paternity as early as 9th week of pregnancy.Major invasive techniques can only determent paternity after 14th week of pregnancy.
People involved in pre-natal DNA paternity testingPregnant woman and rule out man.Pregnant woman and rule out man.
Accuracy99% or 0%. No indefinite answers99% or 0%. No indefinite answers
How long will it take to receive a results for prenatal DNA Paternity Test? In 9 business days.In 5 to 12 business days (depending on the company).
What risks are associated with prenatal DNA Paternity Test?None known. Risks are not greater than regular blood collection. Using invasive sample collection techniques during collection for prenatal DNA paternity test may result in abortion or fetus damage.

There are a few types of paternity testing: Chronic Villus Sampling (CVS) Amniocentesis (an Amniotic Fluid Test) and the Non-Invasive Paternity test. CVS, typically used to detect Down syndrome or other genetic disorders, is a procedure that produces a karyotype, a picture of a fetus’ chromosomes, takes samples from the placenta. Similarly, Amniocentesis takes a karyotype from the amniotic fluid, or, the fluid that surrounds the baby in the womb (this is the “water” that breaks when women go into labor). However these two methods are extremely invasive and have been known to cause miscarriages. However, a non-invasive paternity test, like the one provided from Veritas Lab’s state-of-the-art technology, is a safe procedure that takes DNA samples from the mother’s blood which has fetal DNA circulating throughout. Using Veritas Lab Corp’s microarray SNP technology, it is easy to analyze the DNA of the child and the alleged father.

Acugen Lab’s prenatal non-invasive DNA paternity is 99.9% accurate and delivers the fastest results of any other testing lab. Even more, we offer pre-natal not invasive DNA paternity testing that can be performed before 9 weeks of pregnancy and we do not require a follow-up test after birth. No other lab in the country offers this convenience.

However, sometimes a father isn’t keen on the idea of giving blood for a pre natal DNA paternity test. Luckily, Acugen Lab understands that this isn’t the easiest topic of conversation. We now offer “self-knowledge” testing where the identity of all parties is kept anonymous. Furthermore, to make it easier on our customers, we can use samples of DNA ranging from blood and hair to toothbrushes and cigarette butts. With the impeccable customer service that Acugen Labs provides, we work around the clock to give guidance and support until your results are delivered to you. We highly recommend, first, that you talk with one of our knowledgeable prenatal non-invasive DNA Paternity representatives in order to receive the test that’s right for you and your needs.

Acugen Labs are nationally accredited FDA and AABB laboratories and are licensed to administer court-admissible pre-natal non-invasive DNA paternity           testing is accepted in courts throughout North America as legal evidence of paternity or non-paternity. Our legally admissible is accepted in courts throughout North America as legal evidence of paternity or non-paternity. If the legal testing option is chosen, a “chain-of-custody” sample collection process is followed during sample collection to ensure proper witnessing and fingerprinting of the parties involved in the test. We highly recommend that you consult with one of our highly trained representatives before deciding which test is best for you.

  • Legal not invasive prenatal DNA paternity Test
  • Immigration not invasive prenatal DNA paternity Test
  • Social Security Benefits not invasive prenatal DNA paternity Test
  • Adoption not invasive prenatal DNA paternity Test
  • Inheritance Rights not invasive prenatal DNA paternity Test
  • Life Insurance Benefits not invasive prenatal DNA paternity Test
  • Child Custody not invasive prenatal DNA paternity Test

We understand, too, that time is a crucial factor in situations as such and, we are pleased to offer you exceptional customer service 24/7 and will book your appointment in a matter of minutes at any of our 5,000+ collection sites located throughout the United States and  around the globe. After your appointment, the results of your non-invasive DNA Paternity test are available in as little as 10 days.

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Thank you. Court ordered drug test and I presented. Case won
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Thank you. My company always in need of drug testing, and Veritas Lab always there for us.
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It was 3 days not 5. Thank you so much!
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It really helped that I was able to get the levels of pot that I came up positive for on my test!
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The USCG is the cheapest here. They get you all the copies and sign off on your 19 form in a matter of days. I am now a proud USCG rep.
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I called mad companys and this is tha only one I could do payments until my apt. for the DNA.
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I have custody over my granddaughter and whenever my daughter wants visitation, I have her come to this clinic, they are familiar with our case and treat us very well.
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My driver got intoi an accident and didnt tell me about it until it was almost too late for DOT standards, and i was afraid we wouldnt be able to get the testing done in time, but the tech that this company sent got there in under an hour- mind you we were in the middle of no where!
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I was surprised to get an answer after hours, but the operator got me my results even then!
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I was gonna get the wrong tst for my drivrs! Thinkn I need a 5 panel when I need the D.O.T!
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My sons mother has it set up so I can only see my kid if i take the 12 panel, and this company set me up so I can go by my job if I'm there or at a place by my house.
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I took my baby moms here to get our test for her kid, it wasnt mad expensive and they give you just 1 price so you dont have to have nothing added.
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The results of testing come in confidential emails, so I dont have worry about results coming in the mail to me and my husband seeing !
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I got my nursign school test done on Friday and I got my results on Tuesday. It was very fast for this test.
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If you need the DOT pool, they are top choice. Always take care of my guys if they have an accident on road and results are nice and fast.
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The privacy of the at home DNA Kit is the best choice if you are not dealing with any legal actions.
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I was able to get my sons social security benefits from his diseased fathers insurance after I got my test through this company.
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I only had 24 hours to submit a drop for probation, this was legit the only place in like the state that would take me that quick!
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I frequent this company for my random UA's. I have never had a problem with any of their locations.
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In my mothers old age, I think shes forgetting what shes taking as far as her medications. When I tested her, she tested at HIGHHHH levels for benzos, which is why I know we made the correct choice in sending her to the assisted living homes.
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In order to see my kid, I had to get a random test a month, which i got set up with this lab and instead me calling everyday to see about my color, they just call me with 24 hours notice so that I can take my test once a month.
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I only hada pay 1/2 the price what the other companies were tryna charge me for the same DNA test.
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I've been taking my random testing for DHS with this co. for 3 years and i never have a problem.
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they told me it could take 3 days for my urine drug results but it only took 1! I went in yesterday morning and got my results this morning!!!!!!!!! That was very nice of them.
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Did 10 panel urine test. No hassle
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I'm so glad I called this company. They were the best phone service I've ever received. So helpful and patient!
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I went to get my urine drug screen and I got my results like a day or two later. So fast!
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I got my random set up with this company and they always call me early so I can get my test done the same day, it work s out perfect for me since im workign at night.
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I've used this testing for my drug UA for 2 months (every week I go in 2 times) and im very pleased Id say these are the best kind of company.
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