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Veritas Lab is a network of laboratories with more than 30 years of experience in the field of laboratory sciences.  Our priority keeping communities, the workplace the country a safe, healthy and less stress consumed. We facilitate DNA Paternity, Urine and Hair follicle Drug and Alcohol tests in all 50 states. Our licensed scientists are certified technicians, fully accredited and recognized throughout the United States assuring the highest standards of accuracy of your test results, which are legally-binding and court-admissible around the country.

Our clients continuously voce their high level of comfort as a result of the support and guidance from their first call until they receive their results. Our knowledgeable customer service team works around the clock to answer all of the questions you might have until you have found appropriate test for your situation. We never lessen our level of commitment, whether you are calling as a national corporation, a small business, an individual or concerned relative or friend. We specialize in DOT Drug Testing Compliance and regulations and offer tons of support for someone needing a DNA paternity test.

Our clients are our priority. We appreciate your business and trust in our company. You will feel our passion through every step, shall you trust our expertise and knowledge by calling us 888-398-0059


Veritas Lab DNA paternity test results will influence the lives of your loved ones. Don’t gamble your future with cheaper options.

Legal DNA Paternity testing is what our laboratories specialize in the past 30 years. We do not cut corners or try to save on equipment when it comes to DNA Paternity Testing since we understand that this is the one time that testing will impact your life forever. All of our DNA tests are performed by Ph.D. level trained genetic scientists and are acknowledged authorities in the scientific world. Nine of ten top world genetics professionals are employed by our laboratories. Our DNA test for Paternity results are recognized in court in all 50 states, US territories and in every country which accepts ISO standards. If you looking for the most reliable and accurate DNA Paternity test, you should ask yourself a question: why some of the results recognized by the Government and some not? The government trusts our DNA paternity test results so much that they are willing to make changes on the birth certificate. This accuracy shows that governments are willing to change official government identification documents based on our reports.

Our nationally accredited FDA and AABB laboratories are licensed to administer court-admissible DNA testing in all 50 states and US Territories. The packages offered range from standard paternity and maternity testing, to siblingship, avuncular and grand paternity.  Our laboratories work with all US embassies to conduct DNA testing for immigration purposes.

Separately, we are now offering “self-knowledge” testing where we maintain the anonymity of all of the parties being tested. Typically we collect the DNA samples from the oral cavity utilizing the comprehensive buccal-swab technique, however, we also work with unconventional samples including but not limited to cigarette butts and toothbrushes. For cases that involve matters like estates, wills and other unconventional needs with deceased parties, we offer post-mortem DNA testing.

Veritas Lab’s state-of-the-art technology is a safe procedure that takes DNA samples from the mother’s blood which has fetal DNA circulating throughout. Using Veritas Lab’s microarray SNP technology, it is easy to analyze the DNA of the child and the alleged father. This type of testing, exclusively offered from Veritas testing laboratories, combines risk-free blood collection and state-of-the-art SNP microarray technology is the best option for prenatal testing. Similarly, for instances where legal proof of blood relation is necessary for inheritance, estates, and wills are required, we also provide post-mortem DNA testing.

Acugen Lab’s paternity is 99.9% accurate and delivers the fastest results of any other testing lab. Even more, we offer pre-natal DNA testing that can be performed before 10 weeks of pregnancy and we do not require a follow-up test after birth. No other lab in the country offers this convenience.

However, sometimes a father isn’t keen on the idea of giving blood for a paternity test. Luckily, Acugen Labs understands that this isn’t the easiest topic of conversation. We now offer “self-knowledge” testing where the identity of all parties is kept anonymous. Furthermore, to make it easier for our customers, we can use samples of DNA ranging from blood and hair to toothbrushes and cigarette butts. With the impeccable customer service that Acugen Labs provides, we work around the clock to give guidance and support until your results are delivered to you. We highly recommend, first, that you talk with one of our knowledgeable representatives in order to receive the test that’s right for you and your needs.

Legal DNA Paternity Test

Prenatal non-invasive DNA Paternity Test

Establishing Siblingship DNA Test

Immigration DNA Test

Social Security Benefits DNA Test

Adoption DNA Test

Post Mortem Deceased DNA Test

Establishing Maternity DNA Test

Establishing Grandparent DNA Test

Immigration DNA Test

Inheritance Rights

Life Insurance Benefits DNA Test

Child Custody DNA Test

Unusual Samples DNA Testing


Veritas Labs’ drug-free work place program makes your employee’s raises your safety and assets , while liabilities decrease.

Whether you’re a business representative that wants to be sure that your employees are in an unaltered state of mind on the job or college dean concerned about your students’ well-being, a drug test can help ease your anxieties. Administering drug tests regularly can help the individual of concern to stray away from illicit activities, can help to identify drug use and/or dependency, and can ensure the safety of that individual and those around them.

There are many factors to consider when scheduling a drug test; you must be sure that you choose an accredited laboratory that protects not only your employees or the individual of concern, but yourself as well. The type of drug test depends on what your needs are. A urine test is great for random drug testing, however, it can only detect the presence of drugs in one’s system for a limited amount of time and it can be easy for a person to “detox” before a regularly scheduled drug test. However, you can order a hair follicle test to follow up a urine test in order to verify the results. Further, a hair follicle test is the best method to detect repeat drug offenders and can help deter current employees from violating drug-free workplace policies.

Entrusting an accredited, FDA-approved laboratory, like Veritas Lab, with your drug testing can protect you and everyone else involved. Our staff is trained and certified in DOT compliant drug testing and our highly experienced team of microbiologists are experts in ASTM, AOAC, AATCC, FDA, EPA, USDA, USP, CTFA, JIS, ISO and other methods of analysis.

Additionally, Veritas Labs takes care of the all the nitty-gritty work of planning, collecting, and delivering the test for you so you can get back to business. We pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry, we will answer your call 24 hours each day, 7 days a week. Call us toll-free today at 888-398-0059

Urine Drug Test

Urine Alcohol and EtG Test

Pre-employment Drug Test

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Test

Random Drug Testing

Follow up Drug Test

Hair Follicle Drug Test

Hair Follicle EtG Alcohol Test

Pre-admission Drug Test

Post-accident Drug Test

Return to Duty Drug Test

Mobile onsite Drug Testing


Lawyers and doctors fix the problems. Veritas Labs’ drug and alcohol testing program presents them.

Our drug and alcohol testing can be used in courtrooms, family matters and divorcing spouses. However, there are many factors to consider when scheduling a drug test; you must be sure that you choose the right type of testing.

Urine Drug Testing

Urine Alcohol and EtG Testing

Peace of mind Drug Testing

Child Custody Drug Testing

DWI/DUI Drug & Alcohol Testing

Divorce Drug Testing

Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair Follicle Alcohol EtG Testing

Court Ordered Drug Testing

Probation Parole Drug Testing

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

Transplantation Drug and Alcohol Testing


Focus on growing your business, while Veritas Lab will manage ur DOT Drug and Alcohol Compliance.

For those in an industry related to transportation, these employees are and are not limited to, truck drivers, bus and train operators, pipeline workers, airplane pilots and flight attendants.

DOT Compliant Drug Testing is required for employees that operate vehicles and/or machinery, in short, because they have the potential risk for harming those around them. DOT Drug Testing ensures the safety of the general public and also helps to remove the threat of a liability for a company.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) strictly regulates drug and alcohol testing for every business that falls under their watch. Their strict policy, rules, and regulations are incredibly and seemingly intentional difficult to understand, but the main point DOT regulated companies need to acknowledge is that there are hard punishments for companies that do not comply.

If you are employed as, or you are a truck driver, pilot, or sailor, we encourage you to call us and speak with a specialist in DOT regulation at our office. Veritas Lab offers a full DOT compliance package, DOT drug testing including USCG packages with CG-719P and other MRO (medical officer reviewed) documents. We also offer 24/7 coverage in all 50 states for post-accident and reasonable suspicion causes. Click here to read more. Veritas Labs offers the fastest and most accurate drug and alcohol DOT tests in the industry, so, if your company is in the process of being audited, you know who to call. Trust the safety of your employees and those surrounding them with the best drug testing lab in the country. Call one of our licensed, trained and experienced staff members at 888-398-0059

DOT Urine Drug Test

DOT FMCSA Drug Test for truck drivers

DOT FAA Drug Test for aviation employees

DOT FTA Drug Test for public transportation employees

DOT USCG Drug Test for merchant marines & US Coast Guards

DOT Supervisor Training

DOT Drug Testing Policy

DOT Breath Alcohol Test BAT

FAA Drug Test for aviation employees

DOT FRA Drug Test for railroad employees

DOT PHMSA Drug Test pipeline & hazardous materials employees.

DOT Random Pool Consortium

Mobile onsite DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance and Audit Support

By on
It really helped that I was able to get the levels of pot that I came up positive for on my test!
By on
The USCG is the cheapest here. They get you all the copies and sign off on your 19 form in a matter of days. I am now a proud USCG rep.
By on
I called mad companys and this is tha only one I could do payments until my apt. for the DNA.
By on
I have custody over my granddaughter and whenever my daughter wants visitation, I have her come to this clinic, they are familiar with our case and treat us very well.
By on
My driver got intoi an accident and didnt tell me about it until it was almost too late for DOT standards, and i was afraid we wouldnt be able to get the testing done in time, but the tech that this company sent got there in under an hour- mind you we were in the middle of no where!
By on
I was surprised to get an answer after hours, but the operator got me my results even then!
By on
I was gonna get the wrong tst for my drivrs! Thinkn I need a 5 panel when I need the D.O.T!
By on
My sons mother has it set up so I can only see my kid if i take the 12 panel, and this company set me up so I can go by my job if I'm there or at a place by my house.
By on
I took my baby moms here to get our test for her kid, it wasnt mad expensive and they give you just 1 price so you dont have to have nothing added.
By on
The results of testing come in confidential emails, so I dont have worry about results coming in the mail to me and my husband seeing !
By on
I got my nursign school test done on Friday and I got my results on Tuesday. It was very fast for this test.
By on
If you need the DOT pool, they are top choice. Always take care of my guys if they have an accident on road and results are nice and fast.
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The privacy of the at home DNA Kit is the best choice if you are not dealing with any legal actions.
By on
I was able to get my sons social security benefits from his diseased fathers insurance after I got my test through this company.
By on
I only had 24 hours to submit a drop for probation, this was legit the only place in like the state that would take me that quick!
By on
I frequent this company for my random UA's. I have never had a problem with any of their locations.
By on
In my mothers old age, I think shes forgetting what shes taking as far as her medications. When I tested her, she tested at HIGHHHH levels for benzos, which is why I know we made the correct choice in sending her to the assisted living homes.
By on
In order to see my kid, I had to get a random test a month, which i got set up with this lab and instead me calling everyday to see about my color, they just call me with 24 hours notice so that I can take my test once a month.
By on
I only hada pay 1/2 the price what the other companies were tryna charge me for the same DNA test.
By on
I've been taking my random testing for DHS with this co. for 3 years and i never have a problem.
By on
they told me it could take 3 days for my urine drug results but it only took 1! I went in yesterday morning and got my results this morning!!!!!!!!! That was very nice of them.
By on
Did 10 panel urine test. No hassle
By on
I'm so glad I called this company. They were the best phone service I've ever received. So helpful and patient!
By on
I went to get my urine drug screen and I got my results like a day or two later. So fast!
By on
I got my random set up with this company and they always call me early so I can get my test done the same day, it work s out perfect for me since im workign at night.
By on
I've used this testing for my drug UA for 2 months (every week I go in 2 times) and im very pleased Id say these are the best kind of company.
By on
Thank you to this company. Saved my life.
By on
They took so many precautions for ID for the dna test, it made me feel like this was a really legitimate process.
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Bang for ya buck DNA's :) Most decently priced tests
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