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Veritas Labs are nationally accredited FDA and AABB laboratories and are licensed to administer court-admissible DNA testing is accepted in courts throughout North America as legal evidence of paternity or non-paternity.


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Veritas Lab has an exceptional Department of Transportation (DOT) program. We make sure that all of your testing needs is met with astounding service and professionalism. You will never have to worry about your test not meeting the specific and strict regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT). Our staff will make sure to do the sample collection in accordance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. The sample then gets sent to our HHS (Health and Human Services) certified laboratory.

Veritas Labs testing procedures

There are five dangerous drugs that Veritas Labs search for.

These drugs include (but are not limited to)

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates (codeine, Vicodin, heroin etc)
  • Amphetamines
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Veritas Labs drug testing procedure is done by a urine test. A urine sample of the employee must be taken to see if they are eligible for the job. This test is mandatory and cannot be avoided by anyone that is planning to be employed by

The test results can either be positive or negative.

If the result is negative, the employee shows no signs of drug use or behavior.

Any employee who engages in drug use will receive in a positive test result. This means the employee uses the drug frequently and recently. Employees who have a positive test result for any of the five drugs will be unable to work as a coast guard or any marine based occupation.

When is a drug test required?

At Veritas Labs, we provide drug testing for all levels of employment.

Pre-Employment: Before entering the vessel, a crewmember must be tested before becoming hired. Until the test results are negative a crewmember cannot work at ANY vessel.

Random: At least 25% of crew members must be tested at random. This is to ensure that all employees are maintaining the drug-free environment that is mandatory within the marine industry.

Reasonable cause: If an employee is suspected of drug use, a drug test is required.

Accidents: When an employee is injured at work, a drug test is required. This is to ensure that the employee’s accident is not drug related.

Drug testing occurs in all aspects of business. From multi-million DOT industries to the local railroad company, drug testing is not a minor affair. It is government mandated that each company honors a drug-free policy.

This article discusses the drug testing services Veritas Labs provides to protect your company.

Post-Accident Drug Testing

Post-Accident drug testing occurs once an employee or individual injures themselves on the job.

Protect your company through a Post-Accident drug test.

When is Post-Accident Testing Required?

Post-Accident testing is required under these conditions:

  • Any fatality (driver excluded).
  • Citation for medical treatment away from the scene and moving violation.
  • Citation for disabling damage to any involved vehicle.

USCG Merchant mariner credentials

Here at

We specialize in your U.S.C.G. Drug testing needs. We understand that the process for getting your Merchant Mariner Credentials can be a bit confusing, but here at Veritas Lab we make the drug testing process very simple and fast. In order to comply with the Department of Transportation or the DOT drug testing aspect of this process you must first take a test with a Health and Human Services (HHS) certified laboratory in compliance with DOT procedures contained in 49 CFR 40. Luckily for you, Veritas Lab has around 5,000 certified locations that you may be able to utilize based on your location. At the certified Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing collection site with the help of one of our certified technicians you will have to fill out a Federal Custody and control form also known as the COC.

The regulations that were developed by the USCG have accurate and minimum requirements for the analysis of testing in the marine industry. The testing consist of five very dangerous drugs which are marijuana, cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, phencyclidine, and of course alcohol which is only needed depending on the situation.

Marine Employers (USCG) (DOT)

As the employer you may be able to conduct as many DOT regulated test as you wish. If however, you wish to test for more drugs than required you may do so as long as you keep it separate from your DOT program which also includes having the samples collected separately. Urine samples are required to be collected for the drug test and a blood or breath for the alcohol test.

The Employer is always responsible for making sure that their employees are participating in a drug & alcohol testing program that is in compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) procedures in conjunction with a Health and Human services (HHS) certified laboratory. A marine employer may be considered as the owner of the vessel or craft, the managing operator, the charterer, the agent, or any other personnel who is in charge. Keep in mind that the information pertaining the drug test should be kept 100% confidential. As the employer, you may not share such information with employees, family members, or friends. This information should only be available to the employer, the employee who was tested, testing facility and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

The five different reasons for test

Pre-employment- In order to hire an individual they must first pass a pre-employment Department of Transportation (DOT) certified test. It is imperative that you wait for a confirmation of a negative test result before hiring said person.

Periodic- This type of test is not the responsibility of the employer but of the mariners themselves. This includes any arrangements that consist of licenses, MMDs, or CORs. A certified Department of Transportation (DOT) certified drug test result must be submitted to the USCG Regional Exam Center at the time of the COR, MMD, or license.

Random- Random Department of Transportation (DOT) requires the Employer to test at least 50% of certain employees. Here at Veritas Lab we manage random Department of Transportation (DOT) consortium that will take that off your shoulders and give you something less to worry about.

Reasonable Suspicion- An employer may test any of their employees at any given time if they have any reasonable suspicion of drug and/or alcohol consumption.

Post-accident – A Department of Transportation (DOT) drug test is required any time that one or more of your employees are involved in a serious accident. It is very important that if any of your employees are involved in an accident that you set them up for a drug test as soon as possible.

Positive Drug Test

Positive results are first reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) before the results are released. The Medical review Officer (MRO) is a trained and licensed physician who specializes in substance abuse, chemical testing, and other related subjects. Here at Veritas Lab, we make sure that all of our results no matter the verdict are reviewed by our Medical Review Officer (MRO). The Medical review Officer will determine whether the results are positive or negative and only then is when the appropriate consequences may be taken. The Medical Review Officer will analyze the report and determine whether there is a legitimate explanation for the positive result.  The MRO will ensure that the positive screen did not come from legitimate use of prescriptions or if there was an error at the laboratory. The Medical Review Officer will also study the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) Chain of Custody that is filled at the point of collection to ensure that all Department of Transportation (DOT) required procedures were taken.

Marine Employers must submit a written report to the USCG of all positive screens pertaining to crewmembers who hold a license, COR, or MMD that was issued that by the USCG. The report must be written for current employees and prospective employees. All positive results must be reported whether the individual was hired or not even if their position was of one that did not required a license, COR, or MMD. When it comes to any accidents, all drug & alcohol test must be reported for persons tested no matter the citizenship of credentials.

Marine jobs require all employees to work at a high standard. Each employee must be able to work in a proficient manner due to the rigorous environment that surrounds them. One simple mistake by an employee can cause injuries or even death to the entire vessel.

Drug testing is mandatory for every employee before the ship even leaves the dock.

Veritas Labs provides immediate drug testing services for marine employees. From the crew member to the captain of the ship, we have efficient testing procedures that are available nationwide.

What happens if the DOT Post-Accident testing is not completed within 2 hours?

Post-Accident tests must be completed ASAP. If the test is not completed within 2 hours, the employer must create a file. In this file the employer is required to file a document. The employer is responsible for stating the reasons why the test could not be conducted.

Then, the employer must conduct a Post-Accident test within 8 hours of the incident.

What happens if the DOT Post-Accident testing is not completed within 8 hours?

After an 8-hour period, an employer should cancel the alcohol test. Upon cancellation, the employer must mark the test as a failure. Also, the failure must be documented in the employer’s MIS.

Imagine this scenario:

You are an employer of a railroad company. It is a new company; being only in business for 2 years.

Your goal is to manage your employees and maintain a DOT Compliant business.


One of your employees falls on the clock and has an injury. You need to find out if the accident is drug related. The faster you enact this drug test, the higher the chances you can prevent a future liabilities from occurring.

Liabilities including:

  • Damage to equipment
  • Repeated injury incidents
  • Lower work morale

Veritas Labs provides the quality service that saves your company millions of dollars.  We are leading in the drug testing industry.

We cover reasonable suspicion incidents

Also, Veritas Labs tests for any employee that is suspicious of drug activity.

Our testing procedures are for a wide range of cases.

For pre-employment, random testing and post accidental incidents, Veritas Labs is the leader for advanced resources in drug testing.


Do not be afraid of the $599 price tag.

Veritas Labs remains to offer the most reliable, efficient and honest drug testing service.

Within three hours, a BAT technician can be dispatched to the site of the accident. Then, the technician will conduct industry standard drug and alcohol testing. This comes with no hidden fees, surprises or obligations.

What are the testing procedures?

DOT drug testing procedures are extensive.

They are in 49 CFR Part 40 Subpart E and Part 40 Subpart L. It is imperative that all DOT employees know the testing process is an integral part of protecting their interests. Thus, DOT employees who follow the rules of the drug testing procedures benefit in the long run.

Types of Drug Tests

Panel Drug Test

Panel tests examine drugs in the participant’s system. The higher the panel number, the more drugs are examined. Panel tests is the most commonly used drug testing standard.

Hair Follicle Test

Recommended for long term drug usage. Hair Follicle tests are administered when finding drug usage over a 90-day period.

EtG Test

EtG tests find evidence of alcohol use within 6 times longer than the average alcohol test.  The window for detection lasts up to 80 hours after consumption.

Veritas Lab outshines the competition because we are a company who values: privacy, compassion and efficiency. Companies perform at its best during when these values are respected.

Veritas Labs is no different.

MRO – Medical Review Officer Examination

A MRO (Medical Review Officer) is a licensed physician who is responsible for evaluating drug tests results. The drug test results are generated by a drug testing program and the MRO’s job is to determine whether the drugs used have legal prescriptions behind it.

A MRO acts as a gatekeeper and advocate for the accuracy of the test results. MRO’s provide a clear and concise review and provides reasoning behind a positive test result.

Their role within the drug testing process protects the donor, employer and the court from deciding. Additionally, MRO’s deal with the problem of disclosing the donor’s medical information. Thus, MRO’s are valuable to ensure that a proper drug test is administered.

We understand that drug testing is important for employees within the marine industry.

At Veritas Labs we ensure that all employees who undergo our drug tests will be evaluated in an organized and methodical manner. With Veritas Labs, our drug testing service is convenient and easy for all employees.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Drug Testing

For those in an industry related to transportation, these employees are and are not limited to, truck drivers, bus and train operators, pipeline workers, airplane pilots and flight attendants. DOT Compliant Drug Testing is required for employees that operate vehicles and/or machinery, in short, because they have the potential risk for harming those around them. DOT Drug Testing ensures the safety of the general public and also helps to remove the threat of a liability for a company.

How Do I Know if I Need a DOT Drug Test?

Any company that has vehicles that carry 16 or more passengers including the driver, operates a vehicle weighing more than 26,001 pounds, or transports hazardous materials will be required to conduct DOT drug testing on all employees. You company will be required to perform pre-employment drug tests, random drug tests, post-accident drug tests, as well as reasonable suspicion drug testing. If the employee does not comply with these terms, they will be terminated from the safety-sensitive position immediately and will be fined for violating the DOT drug and alcohol test requirements.

DOT Compliance Requirements

As per the DOT 49 CFR Part 40 Requirement for Safety-Sensitive Employees, the following are required for a company to be DOT Compliant:

  • Prospective employees must undergo a pre-employment test
  • An employee must have the correct Federal Custody & Control Form (CCF)
  • A Substance Abuse Professional Process
  • Random Pool Testing
  • DOT Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training
  • A Written Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Post-Accident Testing Situations
  • Background Checks
  • Employee Education
  • Removal of Covered Employee
  • Designated Employer Representative

Lastly, any company or operators that do not comply with the guidelines above can face daunting fines and penalties for failure to comply.

What Does a DOT Drug Test Entail?

As for the drugs tested, DOT only requires that the employee is screened for the following substances:

  • Amphetamines including MDMA
  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Opiates, including Heroin, Codeine, and Morphine. Does not include prescription opiates such as hydrocodone and oxycodone.
  • Crack-Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Generally, this will be a urine drug test, however, the DOT testing rules specify that confirmatory testing is required for any non-negative screens for the drugs listed above plus methamphetamines, ecstasy, and molly.

Obtaining a DOT-Approved Drug and Alcohol Test

In order to obtain a DOT Compliant Drug Test, you have to contact a certified lab like Veritas Labs. If you do not get a drug test from a DOT approved lab, your test will not be accepted by the DOT. The DOT also requires that employees undergo random drug testing so as to be sure that employees do not deviate from the drug-free workplace environment and requires that the company that administers the test is a DOT-approved one. Veritas Labs specializes in DOT compliant drug testing as well as the development and authorizations of said tests. Our team of experts are specially trained in DOT compliance and can offer both mobile/onsite tests as well as a test in one of our many testing centers across the country.

If an employee is removed from the safety-sensitive position, they can be reinstated if, and only if they undergo an evaluation by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), complete a course, counseling or treatment prescribed by the SAP prior to returning. After the employee is approved by the appointed SAP and is reinstated to the safety-sensitive position, they will have to provide a breath and/or urine sample that tests negative for drugs and alcohol. Thereafter, the employee will be subject to at least 6 random pool drug test during the first year of their reinstatement. Then, the Return-to-Duty and Follow-Up drug tests will be conducted under the supervision and counsel of the appointed SAP.

Trust the DOT Drug Testing Experts at Veritas Labs

Veritas Labs offers the fastest and most accurate drug and alcohol DOT tests in the industry, so, if your company is in the process of being audited, you know who to call. Trust the safety of your employees and those surrounding them with the best drug testing lab in the country. Call one of our licensed, trained and experienced staff members at 888-398-0059

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