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Urine Drug Testing

Veritas Lab is a leader in drug and alcohol testing industry and the number one choice for DNA testing. We offer full range of urine and hair follicle drug testing. Our clients are DOT (Department of Transportation) regulated businesses, companies which decided to implement drug-free work place, educational instructions, court system, and individuals.

DOT vs. Non-DOT Drug testing.

DOT Regulated Drug and Alcohol Testing in compliance of 49 CFR Part 40.

For DOT regulated businesses we offer the umbrella coverage for your drug and alcohol testing compliance. Department of Transportation strictly regulates companies whose employees perform safety sensitive functions (truck drivers, pilots, marine employees etc.) Not only are DOT-regulated businesses required to perform pre-employment DOT urine drug tests, but are also required to implement random drug and alcohol random tests, perform time-sensitive testing in case of an accident or reasonable suspicion, complete supervisor training on drug and alcohol testing policies and protocols, and many more. DOT drug and alcohol policies stipulated in 49 CFR Part 40 are complex, and could be confusing to those who never dealt with them before. We strongly advise you to call our customer service number for a free consultation, so we can learn more about your business so that we can accurately advise you on the steps you need to take to become DOT compliant. If you decide to trust our company with your DOT drug and alcohol testing needs, you’ll be assigned to a personal, dedicated DOT compliance manager who will be your direct point of contact throughout the process. You will need to provide us with information about your workers who perform safety-sensitive functions so we can send them for DOT pre-employment drug test and add them to our DOT Random Pool or Random Pool Consortium (depending how many DOT-regulated employees you have). We will issue you a Random Pool Certificate which you must have on file. Your DOT Random Pool Certificate for the calendar year will be issued the same day you sign up for our services. If you sign up for the complete DOT drug and alcohol testing compliance package we’ll provide you with DOT supervisor training as well as 24/7 national post-accident and reasonable suspicion drug testing coverage. If an accident happens to your driver or sailor when they are on the job, it could be difficult to find a place to submit mandated DOT post-accident urine drug and breathe alcohol tests (BAT). Especially if an accident happens in a rural area, after hours or on the holiday. Remember, that you have only 8 hours after accident to report for a testing. Veritas Lab has 24/7 emergency DOT line where you always can find help from the drug and alcohol testing experts. Our network consists of over five thousand clinics in all 50 states, as well as over 400 DOT certified mobile collectors covering mobile collection from coast to coast and from the Canadian to Mexican borders. We proudly proclaim that our DOT mobile collectors will be able to arrive anywhere in the US in as little as 2 hours. This is best drug testing short notice ETA in industry.

What to do if my company being audited by Department of Transportation and I am not in drug and alcohol 49 CFR Part 40 compliance?

It is nerve wracking when DOT auditors knock on your door or law officers stop your truck or boat and request proof of DOT drug testing compliance. Should you fail to satisfy their request, they might cease your operations which can lead to financial losses and can harm your business’s reputation. We advise you to call Veritas Lab immediately and speak to one of our DOT drug testing advisors.

I am self-employed and renting (owning) the truck (boat, plane) do I still need to do random DOT testing or will pre-employment DOT drug test will be enough?

Yes. You must be enrolled in a DOT Random Pool. If you are owner/operator or have less than 8 employees, Veritas Lab will add you to DOT Random Pool Small Business consortium, where you will share random DOT drug testing selections with other drivers.

Which labs are DOT and SAMHSA certified? Does Veritas Lab offer DOT-compliant drug testing?

All Veritas Lab technicians are DOT certified collectors who fully trained, experienced and knowledgeable in DOT drug testing protocols, drug testing collections and federal chain of custody procedures. Every employee is fully trained and continuously undergoes in-service classes to stay up to date with any changes to the DOT drug testing policy and requirements. Your DOT urine drug testing sample will be tested in SAMSHA certified and accredited laboratory, and then reported to a Medical Review officer. The MRO will review your DOT drug test results and we will report it back to you as long as employer’s copy of federal drug testing chain and control form. All these steps are DOT requirements for drug testing in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40.

I am not a DOT business, but I want to test my employees for drugs and implement a drug-free workplace. Which drug testing lab is best?

The answer to this question is simple: Veritas!  Veritas Lab is a network of leading laboratories that have been named The Best Drug Testing Lab by many industry experts, clients and media. We combine over thirty years of experience in the drug testing industry. What differentiates our services from our competitors is that we have adopted the best from corporate and small business strategies to offer our clients pros from both worlds and eliminate their cons.
Establishing a drug-free workplace policy is the best way to protect your employees, your assets and can ultimately lead to a bright future of your business. According to the census there are over 70 million Americans who use narcotics on a weekly basis. Over 80 percent of these drug users are employed and it very well could be one of your employees. Statistic reports that major incidents on the job occurred because workers have been under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. These drug-related accidents worth billions of dollars in liability and lawsuits, damaging many companies’ reputations, but most importantly, endangering the health and lives of your workers and those around them. Veritas Lab has a location in your city or near it making it a local business that employs local people who work with and for the community. At the same time, Veritas Lab is a national corporation and a leader in the drug testing industry which gives you access to all luxuries such as access to our drug testing collection sites nationwide, state-of-the-art reporting software and 24/7 customer support.
Another advantage of implementing a drug testing policy for your company is that many health insurance and business liability carriers offer substantial discounts to businesses that test their employees for drugs.

















I need a drug test for a personal reason. The police stopped me and charged with driving under drug influence while I was sober. I then tested positive for drugs by my employer, but I am clean. Failed drug test, but I wasn’t using any drugs. Can Veritas Lab help me?

Mistakes are happen. There are always a room for false-positive results especially if the drug test was performed at the local clinic or non-accredited laboratory. Even the best computers have a room for error, not to mention that the drug testing industry itself has a considerably large allowance for human error. All of the Veritas Drug Test results are court-admissible and legally binding. If you feel that the drug testing performed by the police officer wasn’t accurate or that the drug testing from your employer didn’t come back correct, please feel free to contact us. Our representatives will evaluate your situation and drug test results, and will advise which drug testing choice will work best in your case. We can discuss these options with your representative or your lawyer to come up with the best solution. There is a time frame that each drug test will cover. Urine drug tests will show short-term presence of narcotics, while hair follicle drug tests will show drug taken within a longer time span. However, the hair follicle drug test will have some blind period where drugs cannot be detected. Usually, this period lasts up to a week after ingestion. You may discuss all possible drug testing options during your free drug testing consultation.

I have to take the urine and/or hair follicle drug test and I take some prescription medications. I worry that it can affect my drug test results. Should I bring my prescription or medicine bottle to the drug testing collection site?

There is no need to bring your prescription to the collection facility. Urine and hair follicle drug tests are complex processes where each step is not related to the other. It was designed this way to deliver accurate, objective and confidential results. After your initial call and registration for urine drug test or hair follicle drug test, Veritas Lab will manage the rest of the process, only giving limited information to each chain of command. First, will be a drug sample collection. You will be going to the local clinic where local drug testing technician will be collecting your sample. These local workers can be your neighbors or people who you know so to protect your privacy, we only share information on what drug testing sample they have to collect. Then the courier will pick up your drug test sample and will deliver it to one of our national testing centers. If you are in a remote area, we utilize the national postal services to overnight your sample for quicker results. The very next business day, our drug testing laboratory will test your sample. If the initial drug test results are negative, they will be electronically reported to our Medical Review Officer (MRO). The MRO will sign off on your results and will make it available for reporting. Then the drug test results will be reported to you over email, fax, mail or whichever method is best suited for your situation. If your urine or hair follicle sample tests positive on the initial screen, our national drug testing laboratory will perform additional testing called a confirmation screening. With the help of confirmation screening, we can exclude any human or machine errors which could have resulted in false-positive initial urine or hair follicle drug test. If confirmation testing confirmed a positive results, it will be reported to your MRO. Then, your MRO will email you a request to speak and you also will be notified over the phone. A physician, then, will discuss any medications you are taking, your health condition, or any other factor that could potentially affect your urine or hair follicle drug test results. If you have been prescribed any medications, your MRO will verify it with the prescribing doctor or the pharmacy where they were filled. Based on the information you provided and verification process, our doctor will conclude if you abused the drugs, and will make a decision about how they should be reported. This process sounds complicated, but in actuality, Veritas Lab has developed the most efficient drug testing model. Negative urine drug test results will be reported in as little as 1-2 business days. Hair follicle drug test results will be reported in 2-5 business days for negative screens.

What is the best lab for drug testing? Where can I do private drug testing? What is your accreditation? I need drug test results that will stand up in court.

Veritas Lab performs its testing with the highest standards. Your sample will be tested in SAMSHA accredited lab and reviewed by an MRO. Every drug sample we test is court admissible, which means you will get legally binding results that will stand in a court of law. Whether you are in the process of a divorce and looking to protect your child by making sure that the other parent is being drug free, or you just testing yourself before submitting pre-employment drug testing sample we are the number one choice for your drug testing needs.

I need a urine drug test for court where can I get it? The judge wants me to submit to a hair follicle test, what are my options?

Veritas Lab performs urine drug testing and hair follicle testing for legal reasons such as narcotic-related charges, probation drug testing, social security and low-income benefits drug testing, child custody drug testing, divorce drug testing and many more. Our urine and hair follicle drug test results are done on legal chain of custody and control form, tested at the SAMHSA and ISO accredited laboratory, and reviewed by an MRO. If the court or your lawyer request for you to take urine drug test or hair follicle drug test, we advise you to call us so we can better assist you and your needs. We will submit results to your lawyer or to the court directly, if required.

I am hiring a handful of employees and need a technician to visit our office to perform a drug test. Where can I find a mobile drug test collector? It is late and I need to take a drug test today where can I can do a drug test after hours? Are there any labs open late for drug testing? My employee showed up today high / drunk, where can I get a mobile drug testing collector to come to my office? My worker got injured how to find a mobile onsite drug testing? I am incarcerated is there any lab that can do a drug test in prisons?

Yes, yes, and yes: Veritas Lab does it all. Other than having local, accessible clinics in all 50 states, we have mobile certified drug and alcohol testing collectors who can be booked for a scheduled mobile onsite drug test or immediately dispatched for after-hours testing. We have been named the best onsite mobile drug testing lab in country. Since we cover the entire continental United States, we can provide mobile onsite drug and alcohol testing anywhere in the country in under two hours. ETA might change for more remote locations such as national parks or gas drilling fields in the middle of mountains, but we will be there and will collect your urine or hair follicle sample, you can guarantee it. Veritas Lab offers fair and competitive pricing for onsite mobile drug testing. We can schedule collection for as many donors as you need and at any time of the day or night. If there is a large number of collections, we can dispatch several technicians to expedite the process. We also can arrange collection for different shifts (drug test collection for the night shift workers). We always suggest to schedule your drug test collection around the time when shifts change. For example, if you have to shifts 7am to 7 pm and 7pm to 7 am it will be a good idea to request an onsite drug testing for 6am or 6 pm so we will have enough time to test workers who are leaving with those who are reporting to job. We also work with the penal system (correctional facilities) and department of justice. We’ve done several urine drug tests and hair drug tests collection in county, state, federal prisons, jails and correctional institutions. Our legally binding and court admissible drug test results can be supportive evidence during your trial process or negotiation of the deal with the prosecutor. If your lawyer thinks that urine drug tests or hair follicle drug tests can be a substantial evidence in your case, please call us to arrange a collection. We will need to know the drug of concern, location of the correctional institution and name of the inmate. Your lawyer will need to arrange the date and time of collection with the warden of the facility. Veritas Lab can contact the warden on your behalf and arrange the collection for a small additional fee.

I am in the process of divorce and I think that my husband using drugs (alcoholic) how can I protect my child?

It is an unfortunate, but common situation. Veritas Lab can manage your random drug or alcohol testing program to ensure the welfare of the child. One option is to implement a random drug testing program where your ex-spouse will be selectively tested. Another way to proceed is to perform drug and alcohol testing on set schedule, for instance to have the test performed Tuesday to have results by Friday before the ex-spouse is allowed custody. Lastly, we can offer hair follicle drug and alcohol EtG testing where you can be assure that the person abstains from the substances for extended period of time.

I need a drug test for my school. Where can I get a drug test done for my college? Drug testing for the EMT, nursing students and medical schools.

Veritas Lab works with many educational institutions across the country. We drug test school teachers, college professors as well as students. Many study programs and majors require to pass pre-admission urine or hair follicle drug tests before admittance. Every school has different policies on how many drugs they students must be tested for. Medical science admission usually requires 10 panel urine drug test when general studies will be satisfied with a 5 Panel urine drug test. Many colleges and universities perform hair follicle testing on their faculty and staff in order to make sure there are no teachers or professors struggling with addiction have direct contact with students. Hair follicle drug testing is also common for kindergarten and pre-school employees to protect the children enrolled in the school. Our laboratory has drug testing collection sites throughout the country and if you need to get your urine drug test or hair follicle test done, we will make this process quick, easy all while being cost effective. We provide discounted drug testing prices for educational institutions. Confirm with your school or employer which testing panel is required and call us to find out if any discounts are available.

Can I cheat on urine drug test? Can I cheat on hair follicle drug test? How do I pass urine drug test? How do I pass hair follicle Drug test?

The internet is flooded with information on how to beat drug testing if you use narcotics. You might see businesses that sell online body cleansers to cheat on urine drug test and bleaches to pass hair follicle drug test. So is it really possible to cheat the system came up clean while in reality you did use an illegal substance? The answer is yes. You may cheat on instant drug testing that’s sold in your local pharmacies and on the testing provided small laboratories.
However it is impossible to cheat on the tests provided by Veritas Lab. These are few percussions we take to prevent possible cheaters.
Our drug testing collector will verify the photo ID of the person submitting the sample, they will make sure that the photograph, height, date of birth and eye color have no mismatches with person who reported for testing.

  •  Collector and donor will fill out appropriate parts of drug testing chain of custody form and cross-check that all information is correct
  •  Drug test collector will ask the donor to empty the pockets, take off any excess clothing and leave purse in a secure locker. These are steps to prevent temptation of bringing any fluids along and adding it to a drug testing collection cup.
  •  If this is a urine drug testing, the drug test collector will shut down the water in the bathroom and will add special color to the toilet. This is to prevent donor from adding water to his/her sample.
  •  For the hair follicle collections, drug test collector will make sure that hair follicle sample to be collected is free of recent dyes, dreads and extensions.
  •  All of Veritas Lab’s urine drug testing collection cups are equipped with a thermometer sticker with will alert the technician if urine drug sample is out of range of normal body temperature, too cold or too hot.
  •  Urine drug testing samples will be transferred to special containers, and the technician will place a seal strip to secure it. Both donor and the collector will have to initial the containers’ seal. If this is a hair follicle drug test collection, hair will be placed into a tightly sealed envelope and, like the urine drug test samples, both collector and the donor will have to sign security seal.
  •  The drug test collector and donor will then sign the drug testing chain of custody and control form and place it into a special biohazard bag along with the urine or hair follicle drug testing sample. Biohazard bag will be sealed with another security seal and initialed by the collector.
  •  Urine drug testing sample or hair follicle drug testing sample will be taken by the courier to one of our national laboratories for testing. If your drug testing sample was collected at a remote collection site, it will be shipped to the correct laboratory by FedEx or UPS overnight express services.
  •  As soon as the drug test sample reaches our national laboratory, the accepting technician will check the bag and collection container for any signs of tempering with the security seals. If there is any evidence of tampering found, the sample will be rejected and it will be documented in our online reporting system. If no signs of tampering found, the sample will be entered to our online records as received at the lab and will be moved to our toxicology department for testing.
  •  As soon as urine drug test sample or hair follicle drug test sample reaches our toxicology department our laboratory scientists will perform comprehensive Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) methods. These are the most advanced technologies to detect presence of drugs or drug’s metabolites in the body. Urine and hair follicle drug testing samples will be tested under specific cut-off levels to eliminate false positive results.
  •  Samples will be tested for the presence of possible adulterants. Also our toxicologists will examine integrity values such as PH and creatinine levels. These levels are indicators of excessive fluid consumption and other possible signs of cheating on the drug test. Any abnormal values will be reported to the MRO and documented on final results.
  •  If there is no presence of drugs detected in your urine or hair follicle sample, our lab will report it electronically to an MRO for review and signing. If the results show presence of narcotics, the sample will be sent for confirmation testing. The confirmation testing procedure used for all non-negative results in urine and hair follicle drug testing to make sure that there were no machine or human errors. Confirmation drug testing is performed with a lower cut-off levels. Confirmation testing results will be reported to an MRO as well.
  •  If urine drug test or hair follicle drug test results are negative, the MRO will report it to our national center, and we will report it to you. If results are non-negative, the MRO will contact donor to discuss his/her health condition or any prescription drugs taken by donor. Based on the MRO interview and verification of information provided by donor, the MRO will make a decision if drug abuse took place. Final results will be reported to our national drug testing center, and promptly reported to you.
  •  These are the few steps we take to make sure our clients getting the most accurate urine drug test and hair follicle drug test results in America. We have many more ways to prevent cheating on the drug tests which we cannot disclose here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our drug testing procedures.

Who is the Medical Review Officer? Why do I need a drug test with an MRO? Where can I get drug test with an MRO?

An MRO is a licensed medical professional who has completed his residence typically in the pathology field and became certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO). The American Association of Medical Review Officers designed a special internship program where doctors learn how to read and interpret drug and alcohol test results. Signature of an MRO along with the chain of custody drug testing procedure and testing in SAMSHA accredited lab are strict requirements that must be met in order for results to be admissible in a court of law, by Department of Transportation (DOT), and other government authorities. The goal of the MRO is to make sure that nothing interferes with the results such as diet, health conditions or prescription medications taken by the donor. Your results will not be reported to your employer or to other authorities who ordered the test until you have a chance to discuss them with the MRO. This is to protect your confidential medical information and prevent ordering authority from liability of getting exposed in your health condition. You must make sure you promptly respond to MRO’s request for contact in order to use this opportunity to explain positive findings in your sample. Shall you fail to respond, the MRO will report raw results to the test-ordering party with the note “MRO interview could not be conducted.” You will still have a chance to contact your physician and present your argument after results are reported. If MRO is satisfied with your explanation, results might be resigned. The MRO will carefully review and analyze collected all collected information and makes the final decision if test is positive or negative for drug or alcohol abuse. All results which have shown presence of narcotics or alcohol called non-negative, until MRO signs their expert decision to call them positive. Veritas Lab utilizes the MRO process for all urine drug tests and hair follicle drug tests for confidentiality and comfort of tested donor and ordering organization. Cost of the MRO services is already included in the basic price so you never pay extra for the necessary MRO signature.

How do I register for a drug test? Can I just walk in?

At Veritas Lab, the registration process is quick and easy. You may simply register online on our website or you can call us and register over the phone. Registration process will take no more than five minutes. When you call our customer service number, our representatives will ask you whether you are looking for urine or hair follicle testing and for your postal code so we’ll be able to locate the closest collection site. Than we will issue you a registration number. You will receive a barcode that you can print out and bring with you to the clinic or simply show the barcode to a technician on your smartphone. If you can’t print this document and don’t have an email set up on your phone, you may write down your registration number and read it to a collector at the clinic and they will be able to locate your information in our automated system. No appointment is necessary after your registration. You may walk into our drug testing collection sites at any time during hours of operations (varies by clinic).

How much do drug tests costs? Where can I get the cheapest drug test?

Veritas Urine Drug Tests start at $75 dollars. Hair follicle tests start at $175. All of our drug tests are lab based and our pricing for legal, court admissible testing are highly competitive. You might find some cheaper options, which will be done in the laboratory that have no certifications and does not meet industry standards, or you can purchase a drug testing kit in the local pharmacy which are hard to read and there is room for false-positive or false-negative interpretation. Why would you settle with shady options that might save you few dollars, but might cost you a fortune on the long run?
Whatever is your situation and whatever drug test you need, we urge you to call our customer service for a free consultation. Our experts will walk you through possible solutions and will guide you to achieve your ultimate goal.

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